Become an expert in the art of “Food and Wine Pairing” in just a few weeks. Acquire the knowledge that will quickly give you the confidence to select and recommend the perfect wine to accompany your family, friends, co-workers and clients’ meals. 

Chef Marie’s Food and Wine Pairing Personal Guide is a high-quality, comprehensive and easy-to-follow educational e-book.

After reading this e-book, you will no longer

  • Look for a simple reference system that makes pairing food and wine a breeze 
  • Rely on others to decide what food and wine you should pair 
  • Avoid or feel stressed in front of a restaurant wine list 
  • Struggle over pairing wines for your cocktail, dinner party or restaurant menu 
  • Feel intimidated entering a wine store or attending a wine tasting event 
  • Look for knowledge that allow you to discuss wines and reject faulty ones with confidence 
  • Wonder what wines to give as gifts to your friends, co-workers or clients 
  • Face a “faux-pas” during a lunch or dinner meeting when ordering wine 
  • Wonder if becoming a professional sommelier and spending thousands of dollars for certification is for you

Who and why should you order this e-book?

Wine enthusiast, beginner to intermediate cooks, professional chefs, fitness chefs, caterers. restaurant and culinary industry employees, culinary students, spas & resorts employees, individuals within businesses/organizations, wine connoisseurs and anyone interested in learning about wines and how to pair them well with food.

You will master the true pleasure of food and wine pairing while acquiring knowledge that will strengthen your abilities to discuss and make the perfect choice with ease.

With this e-book, you will learn about the

  1. Grapes varieties & their geographic locations around the world
  2. Cultivation process growers use to obtain the best fruit
  3. Wine making process for White, Rosé, Red and Champagne
  4. Various wines labels and classifications around the world
  5. Quick easy way to purchase wines with Chef Marie’s “cheat” sheets
  6. Best way to store wines and optimum temperature to serve them
  7. Taste elements of wines and their effects on foods
  8. Traits of a good wine and distinctive signs of a bad wine
  9. Basic production and composition of the major cheese families
  10. Best wine pairings with more than 70 popular cheeses
  11. Best wine pairings with more than 300 dishes
  12. Best wine choices to pair with ethnic foods
  13. Unsophisticated wine language that will impress most wine expert
  14. Mistake to avoid when pairing wines with desserts
  15. And so much more…

You will also experience the perfect “Food and Wine” pairing through dozens of quick and easy recipes

If adventurous, I invite you to follow my suggestions on a couple of pairing choices (some good and some not so good) that you can do with one of the book recipe. Nothing better than an experimentation to understand what happen to wine and food when they are well-paired or when they are not!

Special free “BONUS” for readers!

Bonus #1: List of wines selected for one of my live seminar, including their tasting notes.
Bonus #2: Charts that I use for my seminar to help you discover the nose, aromas and “en bouche” (taste) of a white wine and red wine.
Bonus #3: Questions and answers asked by seminar participants

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Your joyful adventure awaits you!

This unique e-book will give you the tools and support to rapidly become an expert in wines and how to best pair them with food. The adventure you are about to embark on will change the way you look at food and wine forever. I wish you “Bon Voyage” on the “Food and Wine Pairing” road and, as Cicero said “let moderation be your guide” through endless experimentation!