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The New Snack School Guidelines

Tue, July 2

Following this article
here are my comments on the New Snack in School Guidelines,

  1. Peanuts – Really, after all the allergy problems we know with peanuts and kids. This item will not last long on the menu, school nurse get ready!
  2. Light popcorn – If it is made from NON-GMO and a little canola oil and a touch of salt that would be great. Wondering about the ingredients on this one!
  3. Low-fat Tortilla Chips – Baked or fried, since when this one should be considered a healthy snack? Is it made from corn and, if so, NON-GMO? Wondering about the ingredients on this one?
  4. Granola bars – Half is empty calories. Again, would rather see real food, such as a vegetables with a little dip, fruit pieces topped with yogurt, a single good ripe fruit portion, even baked dried fruits, fruits with dark chocolate sauce, or bruschetta. There are many ideas out there better then these old choices!
  5. Fruit cup with 100% juice – That is potentially the healthiest I see on this chart, as long as the fruits are fresh and the juice used is pure fruit juice. I would like to see the ingredients list!
  6. No-Calorie flavored water – Nothing wrong with plain water, is there? My concern with this one is the potential ingredients in this flavored water. Let’s hope it is water with a dash of freshly squeeze fruit juice rather than artificial flavors and coloring!