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2016 Election Results

Wed, November 9

We the people of the United States are the ones who gave power to this new government. We must accept and respect the constitutional democratic process that this country has been built on.
Sure, we elected a new President and government which might not be who we wanted. But let’s not overlook the facts that, the citizens of this nation are the ones who made this nation great in the first place. It is the right environment in our communities that bring prosperity. It is not hope but hard work that does.
We can all recognize that most crops can flourish in any garden, when special attention is brought to them and their environment. For us to build the right environment, we must let go of individual pursuits and pains. We must forgive and allow for healing. We must seek the trail that will bring energetic changes for a united society. We must create an ethical climate while respecting our social responsibilities. We must engage in respectful conversations that targets our differences for better understanding of ourselves, others and our environment. We must inquire, recognize and advocate principles and values that serves us all. We must all work hard towards cultivating understanding, building bridges over our differences, fertilizing every step and being patient throughout the growth. In the process, we must not forget to recognize and prune the thorns that prohibit proper growth. We must do it with care, without judgments and with common agreement. We must land a hand to the less fortunate, create equal opportunities, while inciting people to build together such environment. We must value the importance of rebuilding strong communities for the future of generations to come. We can then nourish all those important steps with more knowledge, solutions and actions.
Yes, this election brought much ugliness. It taught us much about the pain this nation endures. Let it be in the past now. Let us move forward and recognize that change is inevitable for us to progress. Let us choose compassion, equality, love, peace and respectful liberties. With positive attitudes, right efforts, concentration and compassion in our hearts; the crops will flourish. A beautiful garden will arise for all to enjoy, not just in front our eyes but in our hearts. And maybe, our new beautiful garden will inspire others to do the same. Wouldn’t that be the most amazing way to nourish our planet!