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I no longer can be silent!

Tue, October 11

With a heart filled with joy, I lived the American dream for more than twenty years. In the last decade though, this joy has been quite chiseled away. Today, my heart is bleeding and I no longer can be silent.

Yes, bleeding because of what is happening to this country I loved. No doubt, my mistake was to place this nation and its people on a pedestal. After all, humanity is no different wherever you are in the world. I should have never forgotten the painful reality of history and sociology. When leaders and people have failed to see the importance of character, dignity, respect and compassion; confusion, anger, hatred and destruction are never far behind.

Once admired, the United States is now viewed around the world in a very sinister way; thanks to despicable political characters, partisanships ugliness, streets violence, senseless murders, questionable behaviors of our institutions and so on. The responsibility rest on many from political, economic, religious and media leaders to people who have fell, in one way or another, to embrace a respectful way of life.  Mistakes we all make. Forgiveness is powerful, as long as we do our best to stay away from repeating the behaviors that got us in trouble in the first place.

From the beginning, I have expressed my disliked for Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump, because of their poor characters. He or she will likely be elected President, as it is unlikely that someone else will be able to win. I dislike what transpired through these parties’ election campaigns. It brought more ugliness that I have ever seen in this country. To be honest, I no longer recognize the country I fell in love with years ago. At some point during this election process, I decided to refrain from talking politics, because of the ridiculous and hateful comments I got or seen.

These days, trying to discuss politics, religions, social issues or differences in this country is like trying to take a cub from his grizzly bear. You barely survived the first attack from the bigots, you then face more viscous ones which left you with deeper wounds. Judged, characterized and shunned, you are thrown into the ditch of society division. Needless to say, these divisive methods are dangerous and considered unacceptable in a civil society.

Please people, I am begging you. Open your heart and respect our differences. There is no need to insult each other, to get into fights, to shun or unfriend a longtime friend because of a presidential choice. Respect is what ultimately allows us to openly communicate our needs. Under respectful conditions, one can create an environment where listening is possible and where understanding will lead to agreeable solutions. I know deep in our hearts; we all want the same thing. We want the same basic human rights: food, clothing, shelter, job, medicine and compassion. We want peace, happiness, deep connections and as little suffering as possible.

In this instant and willing, we can all choose to avoid discord and be respectful of our differences. It all start by being open minded to the fact that we want different things and have different views. We all heard this expression: “Every breath is a new beginning.” Let’s make every thought, response and action also new beginnings, shall we!