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2015 Spectrum Award

Tue, March 15

I am proud to announce that “Chef Marie Academy” has received the

City Beat News
2015 Spectrum Award for Excellence in Customer Service

Winning this award is an honor and distinguishes “Chef Marie Academy” as a true leader in the health and culinary industries. In order to be considered for such award, my company was measured against many other companies that provided exceptional services and experiences to their customers while also earning the highest ratings through CBN. In their independent and unbiased wide country research, they draw upon many information sources on an ongoing basis since 2009.  They weight and distill such database into a single score for each year to identify top companies and eventually the winner. Through this award, CBN also honor their mission which is to provide voice to the unheralded small businesses that are the foundation of our communities and to find and promote excellence wherever they find it.

I am thrilled that my company has been recognized in such amazing way. I am also very grateful to have received the support of many over the last 16 years, as without it this company would have not last this long! Thank you “City Beat News” for such prestigious award which can be seen on their website at Thank you all for your amazing support!

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