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Chebe Product Line

Wed, March 19

Some of you know that I have clients, friends and family members that have embraced a Gluten-Free diet due to serious health reasons. I have published a book on the subject in 2009, Cooking Well: Wheat Allergies. In this book, I recommend various companies that manufacture gluten-free products.

Recently, as I was walking the Natural Food Show in Anaheim, I discover a new gluten-free product I was not familiar with. It intrigued me, as “Chebe” was mostly only made from Manioc (tapioca flour). Yes, there is no rice, corn, potato, or soy in this product, very unusual in the gluten free world products. After a friendly talk with the owner, Dick Reed; I walked away with a few mixes to play with later on.

Following the instruction on the bread box, I ended up with a product that I found too dense and without much taste. For my second trial, I decided to make some slight changes to the basic recipe. First, I added my homemade garlic and basil flavored grape seed oil to the dough. Then, I mixed it longer by hand and used the folding French bread technique to bring more air into the dough. That second trial happened to turned out much lighter, crispier on the outside and more flavorful overall. The small chicken sandwiches and pizza, I made then, were very good and approved by all my test panel.

In conclusion, I am very impressed with this product line. I love the fact it is very simple and quick to use.  I have no doubt it has tremendous potential. Just like with many products out there, the personal touch and creativity of it users will make the difference between an “ok and amazing” end result. I, Chef Marie, gladly recommend this product to my Gluten-Free friends!