Chef Marie "Healthy Home Chef" Seminar

A 2-Days Live Seminar


This seminar is for Educators, Health Professionals, Teachers, Social Workers, Counselors, Fitness Trainers, Life and Wellness Coach, Chefs, Personal/Private Chefs, Professional Cooks, Home Cooks, Nurses, Caregivers and anyone interested in improving their well-being!


Join us for 2 amazing days that will transform your life for the better, your family wellness and even potentially your circle of friends!


Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Where can I learn about sound nutrition and the food that prevent aging?

Where can I learn strategies that would help me reach my healthy goals and those of my family?

Where can I learn the secrets to embrace, once and for all, healthier eating habits and lifestyle?

Where can I learn to prepare quick healthy meals?

Where can I learn cooking techniques that promotes better health?

Where can I learn how to make my family favorite recipes healthier?

Where can I learn how to deal with my allergies in a healthy natural way?

Where can I experience the power of eating consciously?

Where can I learn how emotions affect my food choices and get the solutions to my bad habits?

Where can I learn how to create healthier dinner or party menus for my family and friends?


If you asked yourself any of those questions, then

the “Healthy Home Chef” Seminar is for you.


What you will learn from Chef Marie

 will change the way you look at food forever, your relationship with it, and so much more!


Here are few highlights of what you will learn:

How the body functions and the nutrients it needs to function well

Why restrictive diets are, in many cases, not the solution to weight loss

What are the latest scientific data on healthy eating

How to use specific foods to assist, in a positive way, in the treatment of specific diseases

How to grow some of your foods and shop for healthy foods

How to select kitchen utensils and the safest way to use them

How to save money preparing many flavorful meals in one cooking session

How to use Chef Marie’s healthy cooking techniques to limit fat, sugar, and salt into your cuisine

How to create balanced menus and beautiful plated food

How to awaken your senses to healthy food

How emotions play an important role in the food you choose

How to pleasure yourselves with food without guilt and worry

How to use socializing around food as social fun time and stress relief

How to bring your family and friends to change their unhealthy eating habits

How to use foods healing powers to improve your well-being

How to substitute ingredients in recipes without affecting their balance

How to avoid cross-contamination while preparing food

How to store, freeze, and thaw safely food

                                                                                                And so much more…



Here is more details on the mission of our seminar:

Seminar Title:The Healthy Home Chef 

Promoting positive networking with other health conscious-minded people

Joining Chef Marie Academy and our growing healthy community.

Making a difference in your well-being is what matters to us!


Class Format:

Each seminar will include lectures, discussions, interactions with others, cooking demonstrations, food testings, and much more. You will learn basic nutrition and the foundation of our exclusive “Healthy Home Chef” secrets!



After successfully completing all the tasks from the seminar, you will become a certified “Healthy Home Chef” and become part of an international community.


Your Instructor:

Marie-Annick Courtier - Internationally recognized Chef, Nutrition Expert, and Wellness Coach.

Special guests will be part of this amazing educational seminar offered by Chef Marie Academy.



None other than self-motivated to improve your lifestyle through healthy eating habits, enjoying food, love to share your passion for health and flavorful foods with others, open to learning while having lots of fun, and a strong desire to make a difference in your life and the life of others. Previous cooking and nutrition knowledge are not required.


Next Date Available: COMING SOON!

                          REGISTRATION: OPEN

                          Please be aware places are limited and that we sell out quickly!

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Location: Orange County, more details coming soon!


Check-in starts at 8:30 AM on Saturday

Saturday Seminar Hours 9: 00 PM - 5:00 PM - Dinner Party at 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Sunday: 9:00  AM - 4:00 PM


Tuition: To be announced soon!

Dinner for ONE (Saturday night) is included, as it is part of our educational program.


Payment: Paypal Payment, Check or Money Order.
Please e-mail us at for more information or to organize your private event.

Payment in full must be received no later than 60 days prior to the event. Please be aware that your space will only be guaranted when your payment is cleared through our accounting department.

(Please refer to our general terms and conditions below)


Each participant will receive the following

· 1 Healthy Home Chef  Book      

· · Free “online” on-going personal support from Chef Marie

· 1 Certificate of Completion

                                       and special healthy gifts...


More information coming
to register for this amazing seminar.




Terms and Conditions of our Seminar, Class, coaching, and Workshops

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