Have you ever wonder why your favorite wine may not show the same quality and character from one year to another?

Vintage variation is the reason. The causes are often related to weather condition changes from the growing season all the way to harvesting. The last few years have been particularly challenging for wine makers having to deal with changing weather pattern and erratic weather conditions all throughout the world.  I often refer to professional vintage charts to avoid guessing on any purchases. Wine Spectator and Hugh Johnson vintage charts are my favorite places of references.

Do you know the reasons behind the conical crease on the bottom of a wine bottle?

The conical crease is actually called a punt or kick-up. No one seems to be able to trace its origin. Though many theories can be heard, many French wine makers believe this:
1. The bottle blowing technique of early days required a blowpipe and pontil. Removing the pontil from the base of the finished bottle left such indentation.
2. The punt was created to make the bottle stronger and studier during manufacturing and ultimately for standing up on its own.
3.The space on the bottom allowed wine sediments to settle there. It also helped preventing pouring those sediments into a glass of wine.

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